Challenging Yourself.

Lately my heart has been sending conflicting feelings on how I’d like to express myself to the world. There’s always been a standard I’ve felt I’ve needed to hold myself up to: go to school, achieve stellar grades, be involved in various activities across campus, and stay focused on the prize at stake.
As I’ve ventured away from home & found myself residing on the east coast with my husband and son, my adventurous soul has come to realize that time is truly of an essence. Money will always be available, however passions & interests will not. If you’re feeling distraught in how to live your life, do not feel ashamed for taking the time to explore your inner self and introduce challenging situations. Take that drive that leads you to the middle of nowhere, drink that coffee with an extra shot of espresso, dive into a book series you never saw yourself enjoying on the beach, spark up a conversation with a new face in the park that open your intellectual side. With life racing by faster than we can grasp onto, it is essential to find joy in everyday activities before several years have drifted by and regret begins to settle in. Challenge yourself in ways you never found imaginable. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later when looking back on the experiences you took that lucky step towards.
-Lauren Soto




Book Appreciations.

As the weather has been extremely overcast and scattered rain showers the past week, it’s been a tad stir-crazy being cooped up inside the house all day.
My little learning to pull up on his own.
Having a little one that has a short attention span can leave you scrambling for ideas to keep them occupied. Today we decided what better way to spend this gloomy day then visiting Barnes N’ Nobles for some great reads?
Reading is an essential factor to helping my little learn vocabulary and the fluidity of language. Introducing new books with colorful pictures and big words kept a smile across his face for quite a while. I was also able to grab a coffee (SCORE!) and watch him show excitement by grabbing various books over & over. Seeing the joy in his eyes was one I certainly cannot miss out on.
Engage in new activities with your little in order to expand their learning process and help you keep your sanity together on gloomy days. Letting your brain wander into a good read can even expand your thinking and learning process as well. I know I need it! What are some of your favorites books to read and share with others? Catch us next time on a new, exciting adventure!

Book reading time.



-Lauren Soto


Adventure Awaits

I tend to have a wandering soul that craves adventure. Spending time inside my home can be comforting, however a new experience brings more excitement. It is without a doubt no single person is meant to stay in one specific place for an extended period of time. There are too many wonderful sites to see during one’s lifespan. When the weather is pure perfection (partly cloudy, 70’s, slight breeze), it is time to drift away into newfound locations and enjoy creation.
This weekend my family & I decided that the weather was too good to pass up after church, therefore we took a journey to a town we hadn’t explored. Brice’s Creek trail in New Bern, North Carolina was our destination. My husband has an eye for nature, so we packed up the car & headed out.
Along the way we caught glimpses of beautiful, tall trees and flowers galore. There was a bridge we crossed over onto our way to the trail that overlooked the glistening water and drew us into the nature ahead of us.
Bridge in New Bern, NC.
As we were close to reaching the trails, we ended up wandering through various dirt roads surrounded by towering trees. Unfortunately we weren’t able to locate the specific one we wished to hike on, yet the drive on the scenic route was enjoyable and one to remember as a family.
Since our plans were changed abruptly, we chose to explore downtown New Bern instead of heading back home right away. There were quaint buildings surrounding the streets and bringing us back into the early 1900’s. The vibe & scenery of the town was extremely interesting to be apart of; vibrant colors and many antique displays. Local coffee shops & restaurants made up most of the crowds for entertainment.
Downtown New Bern, NC.
A park was nearby that included swings, a playground, fishing areas and river lookouts for sight-seers to view. My husband, son and I spent many moments taking in the gracious weather and smiles on our walk.
Spending time with family is one in which many tend to neglect on an everyday basis. Taking time to venture into new places and activities can bring each of you closer. Having a strong, close-knit family encourages growth and happiness in oneself (in my personal opinion). Remember to journey out into the world and bring your loved ones along. You never know what you’ll run into!
-Lauren Soto


Brew Styles

Bold, Pure Bliss in a Cup

When I was a few years younger, I never had an interest for trying new drinks. I was known to keep steady in my comfort zone and not look past it. As my sense of adventure developed more over the years, I decided to tap into the world of coffee and see what all of the hype was about.
I’ve been through various drinks and flavors in order to find the perfect one for my taste. As odd as it may be, there is only one true winner: Vanilla Iced Coffee with cream and sugar (classic syrup included). Many would take me for one who would enjoy something a tad more intricate, however as I’ve ventured through various coffee shops this one is indeed the winner in my book.
With Summer in full swing on the East Coast, I use this drink as one to help keep cool and get a little refreshing taste during the day. Also, who doesn’t need a little caffeine while chasing their babies around?
Image result for venti vanilla iced coffee
Vanilla Iced Coffee with Cream and Sugar.
Coffee has become a grand part of my life that I truly enjoy. Although I can create the aroma within my own home, there is just something about trying a coffee shop that brings comfort. If only there were more quaint ones around my location.
If you aren’t as big into coffee as others might be, try going for a simpler approach like I do and ask for it a tad more sweet. Don’t get me wrong, I sure do love my coffee strong at times! I’m always up for a new adventure in the coffee world.
Image result for quaint coffee shops
Quaint coffee shop ambiance.

Tell me: what are some of your favorite brew styles and coffee drinks? Share in the comments and be on the lookout for a post on a new coffee location I will be trying this weekend with my small family!
-Lauren Soto



Blogger Recognition Award.

I’m extremely honored to let you know that I’ve been nominated for the blogger recognition award by wordstolivby (Olivia Salzman). Her blog is truly inspiring and one that you must check out if you’re in search of lifestyle, health and fitness, tips for college, food, self-love and so much more to come in the future. I look forward to reading more posts from her as she grows her blog.

Check her blog out here:

Blogger Recognition Award

Here are the following rules if you are nominated for the blogger recognition award.

1. You must thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

2. Write a blog post to show the award.

3. Write a brief story how your blog started.

4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.

5. Select bloggers to pass this award to.

6. Comment on each nominated blogger to let them know that they are nominated and provide a link to this post.

The reason for the creation of my blog

Lately I’ve felt as though my life was extremely cliché. I was always expected to excel in academics/extracurricular activities, therefore I wanted to take a step back and focus on my personal life and what I had to offer towards others. By doing so, I would be able to wind down all while helping others strive towards their personal goals and bring out the adventure in them. I’ve always felt passionate about writing and sharing mutual interests, therefore what better way to share my lifestyle, travel, coffee and advice to others? Thus, Lifestyle with Lauren was born!

My Advice for Others

1. Before a Blog can be created, one must figure out what they’d like to inspire others with. Each person has their own personality and plenty to offer the world. Jot down a few ideas of what interests you most and carefully plan out how you’d like to set your blog up to capture the attention of fellow bloggers. Rushing a blog will only cause you to feel stressed and out of tune with your writing. If you carefully create each piece that ties together, you’ll feel much more stress-free and enjoy the experience all together. Blogging is meant to be fun, not mundane!

2. Make sure to research plenty of bloggers who have similar interests to you. Sharing your experience and common interests make blogging that much more fun. You might even get to collaborate with a few!

(HOWEVER: make sure you keep your posts original and DO NOT copy other bloggers work. Be unique)!


1. PartyHardy- Courtney has a very well-rounded blog where she shares various things she is passionate about (food, travel, DIY and more). She gives fantastic inspiration for fellow bloggers to follow!

2. Cookingwithawallflower- Andrea has such a warm, welcoming blog full of foods from all over that makes me want to try cooking new things. Her taste is delightful and one that should definitely be checked out.

3. SheaLeigh- Her blog is to die for! I absolutely love her sense of fashion and how she introduces it to the blogging world. She continues to keep bloggers up-to-date on what to wear and what she is doing in her life while keeping humble in all her daily experiences.

4. It Starts With Coffee- Neely has such a wonderful sense of blogging in both lifestyle & beauty. Her posts are inspiring and ones that I can relate to in life with being a mom and fellow lifestyle blogger myself. She has a very well-rounded blog that everyone can find joy in when searching through her fantastic posts.

5. Victorialise- Victoria shares her interests through lifestyle, photography, advocacy and environmental preservation. Seeing her photographs brings out the sense of adventure in me and inspires me to travel more. I just love viewing her posts!



Thank you again for the nomination for the blogger recognition award. It means the world! You are such a sweet soul.

Until next time,

-Lauren Soto


Lazy Day Enjoyments

A typical Sunday morning in our family is spent preparing for church & cruising around town. I was unsure of what to wear, so I opened my closet and began my search. I settled with a long Summer gown with blue & white stripes and a pair of brown wedges. The dress is super flattering as it entails a belt that cinches at the waist to accentuate any figure. It has more of a flare on the bottom reaching just below the knees. I purchased the dress a few months ago at Ross ($15). The brown wedges have a snakeskin look to them and are extremely comfortable for leisurely walking as well. These were purchased at Charlotte Russe on sale ($10- what a steal)! Many people feel as though one must shop at more high-end stores, however that’s not always the case in order to find pieces that compliment your closet.



After church, we decided to mix it up and try some new recipes. Onion rings and mini pizza tacos were on the menu (although they aren’t too healthy, we all need a little indulgence, right?). We enjoyed our time trying new recipes and gathering as a family to share them.

The night ended with a walk around the neighborhood & Iron Man the movie. Most people believe they need to go places to enjoy the day when you can find new and exciting ways right at home when having an open mind. Remember to take some time to be thankful for the family you’ve been given and everything within your home. Relaxation is the best cure. Stay tuned for more insight into our fun-filled adventures!


-Lauren Soto

Brew Styles

Change of Taste

I know I listed this section as brew styles for coffee specifically, however today my husband and I went for an alternative drink from one of our favorite classic places.
It’s been a lazy Saturday as our son is currently teething, so venturing far from the house is out of the question for our sanity. After taking him to the park to enjoy his first time in a swing (my mama heart was sad), we decided to take a short drive around the neighborhood. We were feeling thirsty, therefore we decided to stop for a drink to kill time. What better way to quench our thirst then to grab a coffee from Starbucks (might sound odd, yet it’s our guilty pleasure).
When I pulled up to the speaker I already had in mind what I’d be ordering: Venti vanilla iced coffee with cream & sugar while adding the classic syrup to it (I sure have a liking for the sweet coffee as you’ll see in future posts on my blog). This time my husband mentioned trying a new drink to mix it up. After deciding for a few moments, we ultimately went with a grande passion tea lemonade. I have to admit, it sure is delicious! The cross between the refreshing tea and sweet lemonade makes for a good mix that is perfect for a hot Summer’s day. It isn’t too sweet and neither blend overpowers the other, therefore you get to enjoy both flavors in one. If I personally had to rate this drink out of 10, I’d give it a 7/10.
Although coffee is my number one go-to, keep in mind sometimes it’s good to break out of your “norm” and try something new. That’s the excitement of the coffee world: there’s several drinks to choose from and you’ll never run out of ideas on what to choose when ordering. Who knows what will be next on my flavor pallette at Starbucks and other quaint coffee shops. Keep following my blog in order to find out!
-Lauren Soto

Battling Inner Feelings with Strength

As I stated in my “about me” section, traveling is a passion that both my husband & I extremely enjoy. Exploring the world & all that it has to offer would be unfortunate to miss out on as life should not be lived in just one single place. With traveling comes experience and the gaining of newfound knowledge.
During the Summer of 2016, my husband was sent out on a ship to operate in various European countries and work hand-in-hand with other militaries. I was excited yet envious of the ability he had to travel to foreign lands and experience new cultures. One of his favorite countries he visited while being overseas happened to be Iceland. The breathtaking scenery and crisp, clean air gave off a vibe that was warm and welcoming all at once. He discovered many historical landmarks and made sure to send plenty of photos back home in order for me to feel as though I was experiencing these places right along his side.
Photo of Iceland from a mountain top.
Usually my husband isn’t too materialistic, however he happened to notice a specific gift that would be of interest to me. When he arrived back into the United States, he surprised me with a small yet simple necklace. Most people would walk past this type of necklace and not give it a second look, yet it caught his eye for many reasons. The necklace has a symbol carved into the stone and the word “Uruz” written on the back. This word translates into meaning “aurochs (European wild ox)”, symbolizing strength & good health to oneself. My husband chose this gift as he explained how he always sees the strength I give towards all situations in life whether they be good or bad. My life plans had changed when I found out I was pregnant with our son and instead of seeing the situation as a setback, I used it as a motivational factor to move forward. He knew I was a fighter and would use my strength to fight internal battles I struggled with. This gift is rather special & unique because each time I look down at this necklace, I remember how fortunate I am to use the strength I’ve been given to better the life of my family. No matter what you are placed in, remember to always use your innermost “strength” to fight your battles and rise above.
“There are two ways of exerting one’s strength: one is pushing down, the other is pulling up.” —Booker T. Washington
“Uruz” meaning aurochs (European wild ox), ultimately translating to “strength.”
“Strength” symbol.